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  • Instant Analytics & Reporting
  • Automated Accounting & Reconciliation
  • Swift Invoicing
  • Exceptional customer support

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How it works

See how you can bring complete automation to your accounting and connect all sales channels into one common ecosystem

What you get with Synder

Seamlessly synchronize your favorite online sales channels with Synder and get your financial data reconciled and accurately organized in a snap!

Instant Analytics & Reporting

Automatically generated P&L, Balance Sheets, cash flow reports and best sellers across all channels, and other reports tailored to you and your online businesses.

Automated Accounting & Reconciliation

Automation rules with auto reconciliation and categorization let you get rid of mundane accounting tasks and keep your books 100% prepared for reporting.

Swift Invoicing

Invoicing designed specifically for online companies: one-time and recurring invoices, auto due dates reminders – everything you need to increase your conversion rates.

Synder is good for your business

E-commerce stores !

Connect all your sales channels like Shopify, Amazon and Ebay and make them play like an orchestra with you as the conductor, of course.

What features does Synder offer specifically for
e-stores? Let’s find out!

SaaS and IT startups

Manage your payment sources like Stripe and PayPal in one interface and see your actual cash flow and other cash-related reports right off the bat! MRR, Burn rate, Runway – access painless due diligence or investor updates.

How does Synder work for SaaS? We invite you to learn more!

CPA and Accounting firms

Your clients have multiple sales channels and you have to spend hours on collecting and reconciling data? Synder connects all sources, records all transactions and even categorizes them — all automated to let you grow the number of clients, not spreadsheets!

Sound like magic? You’ll be surprised how easy it is!

Your e-commerce source of truth for strategic decision making

Measure, scale, and grow with e-commerce business intelligence software by Synder.

Your solution to take your business to the next level

As a growing e-commerce business owner, you’ve worked hard to grow your business. But you could be missing opportunities to scale your business. Synder gives you one simple solution to get the numbers and key financial metrics you need that can take your business to the next level.

In 3 easy steps you’ll have your source of truth


Connect all your sales and payment platforms to Synder. Takes only a few clicks.


Business insight reports created in seconds. Need a different view? No problem, just click a few buttons to customize your dashboard.

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Get instant insights – grow your business.

Know your numbers, grow your business

In today’s uncertain market, leaving growth up to chance is a scary prospect. Using financial metrics that come from data in your own payment and sales platforms is the most reliable way to grow strategically.

One tool to rule them all

That’s why we created Synder Insights – real raw numbers don’t lie and are the source of truth that can give you the data you need to make real strategic decisions in your business.

It’s one tool that contains all your data in real time. No need for anything else.
Best of all, you don’t need to be an accountant or bookkeeper to make it work for you. Just a few simple clicks, and your reports will run automatically.

Accounting software for saas companies

Accounting for saas companies

Instant actionable insights for your multi-channel business

Need to know your best selling product across all channels or your ratio of new to returning customers? Easy.

Synder gives you access to all the reports you need, with explanations of what they are, why you need them, and most importantly, how they can help you grow your business.
We take the guesswork out of your decision making with one source of truth you can trust.

All your financial metrics in one source of truth

Forget all the other software, apps, and spreadsheets you’re currently using to review your financial data. All you need is Synder. It’s easy to use and made specifically for e-commerce.

best saas accounting software

Accounting for saas companies

Use your data with confidence

Every insight in our platform comes from your own financial data and is gathered from platforms you trust. There’s no fancy forecasting or unnecessary predictions. Only facts you can use from real data. Your time is money so we don’t waste it.

Work across various teams

Lower costs, increase revenue, and give other members of your team like your ad manager or marketing teams what they need to make good decisions for your brand.

best saas accounting software

Ditch Manual Data Entry and Save 50+ Hours Each Month on Reconciliation

The easiest way to automatically sync all transactions to your accounting software.

Set it and forget it with auto sync

Onboarding with Synder takes less than 15 minutes. With auto sync, you no longer need manual data entry or tedious spreadsheets. Whether you have 100 or 10K transactions monthly, you can have your sales, fees, and taxes accurately organized.

The most integrations available 25+ and growing

Synder integrates with all major sales and payment platforms in just a few clicks. Shopify, Amazon, Stripe, PayPal, Etsy, eBay and so many more. Plus, new integrations are added on a monthly basis based on customer suggestions and needs at ZERO additional cost.

Use with any major accounting software platform and any currency

If you use QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or Xero, you can sync transactions to your accounting software with no redundancies. Synder works with multi-currency transactions on a high level. Get hassle-free reconciliation and zero discrepancies.

The only accounting software tailored to ecommerce

We know you hate accounting software, so we made it easy. Manage your ecomm business the smart way. All the features you need, none you don’t.

Accounting software built for ecommerce

Most accounting software is made for accountants. We couldn’t find a solution for the ecommerce industry, so we created one. Synder Books is tailor made for busy ecommerce brands.

Comprehensive and easy to use
Inventory management, multi-currency compatibility and other ecommerce specific features
Bank account reconciliation in a few clicks

best saas accounting software

best saas accounting software

Simplify your life with automated workflows and smart rules

Simplify your back office with Synder smart rules–our workflow automation solution. Set a rule once, and it will run in the background, freeing up your time and giving you peace of mind.

Email suppliers when you’re low on stock
Send loyalty discounts to your best customers
Set a rule to properly categorize your products

Support whenever you need it

There’s a reason our support staff is highly rated! Our team is here for you 24/7 and is knowledgeable in accounting and in ecommerce, so they can help you customize Synder to work best for your business.

Phone, chat, email or screenshare support available (depending on your plan)
Onboarding help to make sure you’re set up for success
Advanced automation help or account questions 

best saas accounting software

Take your e-commerce business to the next level with Synder

Find your growth points by analyzing business performance across multiple platforms, products, customers, seasons and more, all in one place.

More features to help your business grow faster

Find your growth points by analyzing business performance across multiple platforms, products, customers, seasons and more, all in one place.

Smart rules

Smart rules

No-code rules bring full automation to the accounting and back-office process. This includes income and expense categorization, payment due date reminders, expense tracking, and mo

Customer reports

Customer reports

A consolidated client base to help you understand your customers and communicate with them in the most efficient way

Multi-Currency support

Multi-Currency support

We take care of your multi-currency accounting, so you can grow globally and increase your conversion rate

SaaS accounting that gives you more than accounting

Connect all your data channels and create a single source of truth for your startup to get access to automated accounting, always accurate P&L, up-to-date balance sheets and burn rates, and detailed customer reports. Daily stats and operations are no longer a problem!

For IT startups by an IT startup

Tailored specifically for SaaS and startups, Synder is the single solution that contains all the features you need to handle all your accounting needs. No special accounting knowledge needed to get your business covered!


Daily cash flow stats at any time

Several payment systems always open in your browser just to understand how much you’re making for the day? No need! Get your actual multi-channel cash flow at your fingertips any time. Just one click and you see the big picture across channels to make data-driven decisions!

Accounting software for saas companies

Accounting for saas companies

Automated accounting and easy tax filing

You receive subscriptions with several payment systems like Stripe or PayPal and struggle with reconciliation. Synder connects all processors into one ecosystem and provides you with automatically generated Profit and Loss and Balance sheets. 100% automated reconciliation will save you tons of hours on manual data entry, financial statements processing and bank reconciliation. SaaS accounting can now be easy!

Burn rate, customer and subscription reports

Want to know which clients aren’t paying and are about to churn? Need to make sure your burn rate doesn’t exceed the budget limits? Use Synder custom reports designed for IT companies to get a full overview of your business, control your budget and understand what the best time for upselling to your users is to enhance your ARR.

best saas accounting software

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