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  • Multi-cloud application data platfo
  •  Database Deploy a multi-cloud database.
  • Run applications anywhere
  • Scale operations confidently
  • Reduce architectural complexity

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Run applications anywhere

Run anywhere in the world with Atlas. Organize your data in over 80 regions on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud – including simultaneously with multi-cloud clusters. Pin records to regions for strict compliance and ultra-low latency.

Scale operations confidently

Build with sureness. Atlas comes with built-in best practices and intelligently automates critical operations to make sure your records is safe and your database is running as expected.

Reduce architectural complexity

Access and inquiry your records for any use case from a unified query API. Records stored in Atlas is instantly presented to use with the rest of our platform, from full-text search to analytics to visualizations.

Focus on shipping features

Keep your applications running, whether traffic triples or new structures are added. Atlas proposals advanced presentation optimization tools so you always have the database resources you need to keep building.

Feature overview

Multi-cloud clusters

Allow effective and resilient applications that use or more clouds right away.

Always-on security

Secure records with built-in defaults for get admission to and stop-to-stop encryption.

Performance advice

Get on-call for schema layout first-rate practices as your apps evolve.

Automated data tiering

Set archival rules for fee-green records storage as your facts estate develop.

Cross-region resilience

Defend the client revel in with multi-area fault tolerance.

Client-side field-level encryption

Shield towards the not going event that network or disk encryption is bypassed.

Continuous backups

Restore records to an appropriate second you want with factor-in-time restoration.

Edge-to-cloud sync

Electricity cell studies that take care of connectivity gaps and warfare decision.

Build incredible software with Atlas

Discover how to make the most of our application data platform.

Get the MongoDB Architecture Guide

Learn how our paper model and Query API help you meet the demands of modern apps.

Get the most out of Atlas

Power more data-driven experiences and insights with the rest of our application data platform.


Build fast, relevance-based full-text search in minutes. Eliminate the need to run a separate search engine alongside your database.


Bring your record to life instantly. Create, share, and embed visualizations for real-time insights and business intelligence.

Data Lake

Evaluate rich record easily across Atlas and AWS S3. Combine, transform, and enrich data from multiple sources without complex integrations.

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