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Delight your customers with effortless omnichannel service

Engage in more meaningful conversations every day, across every channel, with every customer.

Explore why Freshdesk Omnichannel Suite is the most complete support solution with the fastest time-to-value.

Reimagine more meaningful conversations and turn service agents into customer champions. Launch customer and employee delight in under 3 months!

Delight customers effortlessly

Simplify every experience and put customers back in control by offering the support they expect, in their channel of choice.

Make every agent a customer champion

Give agents more context and automation to proactively understand customer needs and offer the next-best-action.

Skyrocket the speed of service

Achieve speed in delivering remarkable customer service. Our customers realize service productivity gains in under 3 months, and innovate faster with the NEO platform.

Turn customer support into customer delight

Solve inquiries faster and personalize conversations with intuitive & collaborative support.

Uncomplicate customer support with a consumer-grade solution that’s fast to launch and scale.

Everything you need to empower your teams with more meaningful conversations and deliver effortless customer support.

Faster service delight

Make it easy for agents to work collaboratively and provide speedy responses to customers. Prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets to the right agents and deliver customer delight.

Intelligent automations

Automate agent workflows and resolve routine questions with bots and AI. Say good-bye to mundane processes by learning from past tickets to proactively suggest new resolutions.

Intuitively collaborative

Fuel teamwork and collaboration to solve issues faster. Rapidly engage teammates for discussions right inside tickets that retain visibility and deliver consistent customer care.

Make chat easy for today’s digital customers

Delight your customers with support on channels they love and guide them to find answers fast with Freshdesk Messaging (formerly Freshchat)

Your customers have changed. So should your customer service.

Today’s customers prefer a quick and effortless customer service experience. Freshdesk Messaging helps you deliver on these expectations through conversational messaging and AI-powered bots.

One inbox for all messages

See all messages from customers in one place, wherever it comes from – in-app chat, website chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage and more. Support customers across messaging apps and devices

Self-service. Everywhere

Build once and deploy chatbots on all messaging apps and devices. Answer questions, guide customers to resolution, and gracefully escalate to an agent – all done automatically

Do more with less

Reduce your cost of providing customer service. Move from costly and slow channels to cost-effective modern messaging to scale efficiently


Use the power of collaborative ticketing and AI to deliver the best customer experience

Prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets to the right agents and leverage the power of your entire organization to deliver customer delight.

Team Inbox

Unlike email, our ticketing system is designed for team collaboration and agent productivity. This means that you can do so much more than just sending replies. Prioritize every ticket based on the keywords. Assign every ticket to a specific agent and group so there is no confusion about who should be working on which ticket. Filter tickets based on specific properties so the most important tickets that agents should work on are front and center.

Collision detection

See who else is viewing or replying to the ticket.

Canned responses

Save replies to common tickets and reuse them.

Smart notifications

Get notified within the tool about ticket updates.

Custom ticket views

Choose which tickets you want to see first.

Merging tickets

Merge tickets about the same issues into one.

Activity log

View every agent and system activity on the ticket.

Collaborative ticketing

Help your teams collaborate effectively to provide better support experiences.

  • Share ownership of tickets without losing visibility. Loop in teammates for a discussion right inside the ticket for full context.

  • Split tickets with several tasks into sub-tickets. Have multiple teams work on them in parallel.

  • Link and keep track of tickets related to similar issues. Send bulk updates to customers in one go.

SLA management

A service level agreement across your Freshdesk sets performance thresholds that can be managed and optimized over time. With SLAs, set expectations for response time with customers and measure how well agents are able to meet time frames.

  • Set up rules for when every ticket needs to be replied to and solved so agents are clear about deadlines

  • Redistribute the workload or add more people to the team based on SLA compliance rates

  • Set up automatic reminders for agents and escalations to managers whenever SLAs are not met.


It takes a team to deliver great customer support

Freshdesk helps you work together with team members from across the company to provide quick and consistent answers to your customers.

Freshdesk fuels teamwork and efficiency

Freshdesk packs a suite of powerful collaboration features that can help teams work efficiently to provide better support experiences for the customer. Agents can loop in teammates for discussions right inside tickets and can retain visibility into tickets even if another team is currently working on it. Teams can also split the tasks involved and work on them in parallel.

Invite collaborators into the ticket

Democratize support by bringing together the collective power of subject matter experts, across distributed teams to solve complex customer issues. With a record of all interactions, your agents can collaborate contextually with other teams, external stakeholders, and do a lot more to resolve tickets faster. Track the performance of collaborators, with reports and analytics.

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